Corset convert !


This is the first time I’ve jumped on a trend that I believed was not my style at all! I  have a minimalistic taste when I buy clothes. They’ll usually be solid colors and geometric prints paired with clean accessories to complete a look. But in the last few months, I have somehow managed to lose a good few inches on my upper body and I’m probably 2 sizes smaller on my waist compared to my lower body. Now, this led me to buy belts every month and that’s how I ended up picking this corset belt just to try.


I was hesitant at first due to their slight tacky appeal, moreover, a tight elastic on your stomach calls for major unpleasantness! However, to my surprise, this belt was super comfortable as I wore this exact look on a night out for drinks. I have seen corsets on Shirt and T-shirt dresses mostly so I wore mine a little differently.


This orange off shoulder bodycon dress looked too plain on its own so the corset belt totally spiced up the outfit. I also paired it with lace up wedges and a choker necklace as bracelet.


I hope you liked this post! Do get yourself a corset belt and you’d discover your itty bitty waist !



Outfit Details –

Corset Belt –

Dress – New Look, Tata Cliq

Shop Similar –

Heels – Forever 21

Shop Similar –


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