Bloom baby, Bloom


Fashion’s love affair with floral prints is eternal. I’m sure you’ve noticed prints like plaid, gingham, aztec etc. come and go but floral is everlasting. So I guess it’s always a good idea to add a floral something something in your wardrobe every spring/summer. However, when it comes to summer dresses, I haven’t had much luck finding pieces which are not made of Polyester, especially when there is some amount of Spandex in the fabric composition.

So when I found this fabulous dress made of cotton-spandex, I knew I needed it ASAP. This dress from Last Inch-Made for Curves is IDEAL for summer dressing and the floral print looks so vibrant and elegant.



You can style this dress in so many ways- like with a jean vest and sneakers or with a pastel coloured blazer which will be completely office appropriate. Or if you’re like me and loooooove dusters, you’d throw on a light-weight duster for a glam look which I did here. I’m also wearing these beautiful pointed-toe red block heels for I love some drama on my feet and believe me these are the most comfortable pair of pointed-toe heels I own (I’ve giant duck feet).



This dress is currently on sale on the website linked below. I hope you get your hands on it soon.



Outfit Details –

Dress –  Last Inch

Different Colour option –

Heels – Truffle Collection

Pink Duster – Fashion Union (Sold Out)

Shop Similar-





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