Satin Glam


Lace and Satin, the two quintessential “lingerie” fabric were all the fad beginning of the year. Honestly speaking, I had an old-fashioned view on these fabrics and it took me a while to embrace them. I overcame the fear of Lace in one of my previous posts. So now in this post, I experiment with Satin! I’d say I was slightly more open to wearing Satin as it looks quite luxe.



A trench, kimono or a duster is completely my style. If you’re like me who takes hours doing make up without deciding on your outfit before a night out then you need to have a statement garment like this Satin Duster.


I scored this beauty from Stalkbuylove and I’m so in love with the fit and colour. This slinky piece looks quite plush on it’s own and add sparkle to any boring outfit. I wore mine over a plain black bodycon and took this outfit from lazy to polished with zero efforts.



That was sort of a fashion hack for lazy days! Hope you liked this post and I really recommend you guys to go buy a satin something ASAP.



Outfit Details –

Satin Duster –

Shop Similar –

Dress – Old

Shop Similar –

Heels – Truffle Collection

Shop Similar –



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