Frills and Floral

Red Skirt 2

Ruffles and Frills is out full force this season but finding flattering bold ruffled pieces is nothing short of a herculean task especially in plus sizes in India.

Red Skirt 4.jpgAbout 3 week back, I randomly walked into a Forever New store (Aussie brand) during a clearance sale and I’m usually one of those unlucky souls who never find anything good enough in a store that too during a sale. But lo and behold, I see this stunning red skirt loosely hanging off a broken hanger in just one size – MY SIZE (I wear 14 BTW). I quickly went to try it on and spent at least 20mins adoring myself (narcissistic a bit I know). I felt like a million bucks and I think this outfit is my favourite on my blog so far.



Red Skirt 1

I paired this dramatic skirt with a smocked floral off should bell sleeves crop top and a pair of black sandals for a clean look. It was good idea to stay off accessories as the ruffles make a statement on their own.  I can’t wait to repeat this twirl worthy skirt on a beachy vacation, hopefully pretty soon.

Red Skirt 3


Although I hate dancing but I totally resemble the flamenco dancer emoji (on whatsapp)..Am I right?? I hope you liked this post as much I love my outfit 😀 and I pray for you guys to get lucky like me on your next shopping trip and score a beauty like this very soon.



Outfit Details –

Skirt – Forever New

Crop Top –

Shoes –


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