Holiday feels in my Last Inch dress

I have 50 odd days to go for my winter holidays overseas but the excitement levels are too high that I’ve started prepping for my holiday outfits. And when I saw this amazing oversized asymmetrical shirt dress on Last Inch’s new arrivals, I knew it will be coming with me on my vacay!

I’ve done quite a few posts featuring outfits from Last Inch as they always keep up with trends in Plus Size fashion in India (such a blessing for us fashion forward ladies).

Now coming to this dress, I’m beyond thrilled that it’s so versatile to style. Even though this dress looks summery, it’ll see you through the winter. This mysterious location am off to has quite a moody weather! So, keeping in mind the temperature fluctuation, I styled this dress 3 ways for a moderately hot morning to pleasant evening to chilly nights.

Bare Shoulders 

Since this dress has buttons all the way down, you can undo the first 3 to make it look like a sexy off the shoulder shirt dress. With all my posing, I couldn’t keep the collar down my shoulders but trust me it looks amazing this way.



Collar up

The embroidery on the collar is so beautiful that you need to flaunt it.



School girl vibe 

This was hands down my favourite way to wear this dress! I love how the dress frills out of my chunky long knit. It is still hot here in my city, but for my holiday I would be rocking this with knee high socks along with these boots.



Ladies, now rush and add this beauty to your cart from Last Inch’s website and thank me later! Ciao



Outfit Details –

Dress – Last Inch

Belt – Tally Weijl on Ajio

Boots – Truffle Collection

Sweater – Mexxx on Jabong

Shades – Thrifted



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